2010-08-23 00:32:27 by NeoSama

hello newgrounds. it's been a while.

i normally post journal entries on what i'm doing at but this is to make a newer post. the last one on here was years old.
summer is almost over. praise god. i prefer cold weather. funny, huh? cuz i live in socsal. ok, later.


*Enter Kyle

2009-01-29 16:47:54 by NeoSama

Alright, so i think it's about time to put up a news post or something to make my profile not so bland. kinda hard though. i'm new with the whole flash movies and all. the past eight months i've been trying it out and i've quickly learned that if it's not an idea that i love, the animation dies.

i make a LOT of other videos and films, though. it's all on my youtube account HERE i've only finished one flash movie so far. it's lame but i hope to get a better understanding of the program and all.

i'm on here because i love music. especially techno. and a lot of techno pieces on this site are awesome. some of you guys should seriously think of creating demo CDs and giving them to record labels! they're that good!

i do free commissions whenever i get time. send me a PM and i'll give you details. to look at some of my art work go here ----> DEVIANTART
it's always fun for me to work on these sort of projects, so don't worry if you have no pictures or anything. I can make it from scratch the way the like it!

and that's a pretty good start for news posts, if i say so myself! :D